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Home Based Vs. Office Based

How You Would Lose In Network Marketing? Home Based Vs. Office Based. 

By: Dr. Hedi

In this article, I’d like to compare two methods of working: Home Based and Office Based.

Although Office Based method is not ordinary in NM, yet it is an attractive method for some network marketers. Rapid increase in sales, seeing all organization easily, and keeping a good atmosphere in organization are some reasons why inexpert and new network marketers are attracted to this method. However leaders of an organization will determine how to work. Let’s take a look at advantages of Home Based over Office Based method.

EXPENSES. If you Google NM or MLM, the first thing that you will notice is that in almost all of the websites about NM, the phrase Home Based is used. One of the most beautiful things about starting this business is that you need minimum capital for starting it. Usually expenses of starting a network marketing business is not more than $500, and rarely it reaches $1000. For this reason, everyone can start a network marketing business. I saw some network marketers that spent all their income plus extra money to pay for office expenses and they went in debt while easily they could do it at their homes and save their money. It’s really puzzling how you can go in debt in NM! Why you have to pay this amount for something that is harmful for your organization? You can easily enjoy your income and avoid unnecessary payments used to keep the offices open. Also, the worst thing is the stress that you have at the time of payments, which will kill your focus on your organization and you must think of how to pay this expense.

DUPLICATION. With a fast look on organizations that work Office Based, you can see some leaders who are always in the office with good knowledge about the company and industry, as well as beginners who ask their questions from these leaders. Between these two groups, there are many “networkers!” who know almost nothing! These group of people come to the offices twice weekly, if any, because they feel there is no need for them to be there, since there is already a leader who knows everything and can support his/her organization much more better! And unfortunately they are right! In a while, new beginners find that after making a small organization they can do the same, and they will learn how to don’t support the organization and make money! But they don’t know they’ll never make it this way! After two years, you’ll see the same leaders in the office work with the different beginners, this will happen till they’ll die! There is NO organization; it’s like just starting a small business for others.

SENSE OF NEEDINESS. The obvious fact of working in offices is that you cannot tell beginners and even higher levels for paying expenses because if they are asked for extra money other than buying a product in the beginning, they will quite the business. So you (as an up-line) have to pay for office and it is dangerous part of the situation! When you have to prepare place and opportunity for new costumers to make presentation, it clearly means that you need them so much that you are willing to pay such a money! And actually they are your employee. NM is an opportunity to start your OWN business but by paying this money and preparing all the things for them, it proves vice versa. Your organization is working for YOU and it is YOUR business not their business.

EASY TO DO. If you are a leader of your organization now, when you want to do something, always ask 2 questions from yourself: 1.IS IT DUPLICABLE? 2. IS IT EASY TO DO? Working office based is nether duplicable, nor easy to do. It is absolutely not duplicable because everyone cannot pay extra money for offices and definitely not easy to do because many of prospects at the time of presentation in your office think that they are not able to rent such office for their organization. If they already had $6,000 or $10,000, they would prefer to invest it in other secure places not for paying for office.

STATISTICS. Direct Selling Organization (dsa.org) released a good statistics about MLM in their official website. LESS THAN 3% OF ALL SALES OF DIRECT SELLING COMES FROM OFFICES. Focusing on this small amount of sales is not logical at all. More than 70% of sales comes from home based organizations (the remaining percentage comes from telemarketing and other ways). Also, many big network marketers like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Yarnell advice that start your business at your home to lower the capital of starting to minimum possible and the biggest influence and profit.

Network Marketing is the best opportunity for people in middle and lower economic class to start their business from nothing and earn millions of dollars. The major reason that everybody can do it is because it is HOME BASED. If you focus on the small percentage of sales in offices, it means that you have ignored the great percentage of sale AND SO GREAT PERCENTAGE OF THE PROFITS. Lets don’t change the nature of this business. Let’s do it as it is: HOME BASED.

To Living A Prosperous Life


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