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ViaVeta Website Experience, Great Value For Price.

By: Dr. Hedi

Few days ago While I was searching in youtube, I saw an advertisement made by hostgator.com which was very impressive. “Start your website with ONE PENNY” which was unbelievable, there must be a trick, an advertisement trick, as we at ViaVeta the same package is $300 per year (I only want to compare our hosting package here, we provide much more service than this which I will mention latter in this post), and we believe that ViaVeta Website Experience, Great Value For Price. so it was a huge difference from what Hostgator wants to offer, it made me very curious, because hostgator is one of the best in the market and they host 9 million websites. So I click the ad and I saw that only the first month is “one penny” and you must pay $9.95 per month onward, so you will end up with $109.45 + $0.01 = $109.46, still looks attractive, because the claim that they have a free builder as well plus 4,500 free templates.


So I decided to buy to find out how much it will cost me at the end. First month was one penny, but they forgot to tell me that domain also has a price, $15, so actually you can not have a website for “One Penny” even the first month, I paid $15.01, include this domain price in one year total price you will end up with $124.46 .

So I made a payment but more than a penny to have a website. Let’s start designing. We Have Few options, WordPress, which I have tried before, not very easy but still I can work with it, I am not a webmaster but I have designed few websites in this few years working with Website design in ViaVeta, basically everything I know about website design I learned from ViaVeta. Joomla is too complicated so I didn’t try at all. I have clicked and I saw this one:

And they didn’t provide any free WordPress themes. Actually some of web-masters will tell you that they can find this themes for free, and no need to pay, and I agree, you also can find a free Coca-Cola in supermarket, just you should be careful that the owner and the cameras don’t catch you. They also provide 4500 free themes, which is pretty good, the are available for download and I have downloaded but I don’t know what to do with that! this themes are very good for Web-developer and those who know about uploading themes, working with FTP, …. installing all this things are not easy for ordinary users.

You should have someone help you how to work with the panel which needs basic knowledge about website design. But because In ViaVeta we believe that “Everyone Can Design, Can Create” so we are searching for simplest way possible for ordinary people to design their website, With the concept of Multi Level Training of website, with the easiest tools possible.

The Website Builder is the best choice for me to design my website, which you can find both in ViaVeta, which completely designed and built by ViaVeta IT team from scratch, and also Hostgator has a good website builder outsourced from Weebly, thankfully Hostgator says that the builder is free so I was very happy, after finding how to install the builder to my website, I saw a lot features that the builder had, so it was good news after so many hidden unexpected fees that Hostgator had. But there was bad news again!

[upgrade message] If you want to use most of useful features you have to upgrade to professional package, which the price is $8.99 per month/ $107.88 per year. You remember the first $124.46 you have to pay right? it equals to $232.34, far more than “One Penny”. Ok I don’t need a professional website, I want to build very simple website. But bad news again! basic package only support 6 pages! you have to upgrade!

I don’t blame Hostgator for the way they sell the website, it is an accepted marketing strategy that they use, they don’t lie, the just don’t tell you everything, you should find out yourself. This strategy had worked for them so well that they host 9 million websites. Great job! The problem is not Hostgator, the problem is the one who believes that can have a website with “One Penny”.

We at ViaVeta have a different strategy, we so clearly and openly tell you the package, NO HIDDEN FEES, NOT A PENNY. We will let you know everything before you pay. In this article I just tried to compare the hosting package, but we deliver much more than that. First, I could  do all this parts because I learned all this web-hosting stuff! in ViaVeta, a very big part of the package is the training that we provide to design your website. We train website designing in your preferred place with your language all over the world. It looks to scary for most people even to think about designing website when they don’t have any experience.

We didn’t mention our collaborative mail system which is the latest and best email system in the market now. And we don’t mention our free opportunity to build your business by selling websites! yes, you are not a professional web-developer but you can sell and design more than most of them.

If You Are A Price Buyer, ViaVeta Is A Good Choice! If You Are A Value Buyer, There Is No Other Choice. 

ViaVeta Is More Than Just A Product!

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ViaVeta website experience, great value for price